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Who We Are

We are an experienced multidisciplinary branding, marketing, and advertising company founded in Toronto in 1997.

What We do

We provide comprehensive brand marketing services to help our clients achieve their marketing goals and objectives.

How We Do It

We dive into our clients’ core DNA and true values, transforming them into tangible marketing and branding tools that efficiently captivate their ideal clients.

How We Are Different

We focus on generating measurable results that are way past brand awareness. Each team member has multidisciplinary skill sets to achieve more effective branding and marketing solutions in shorter time frames and at a lower cost. We integrate our solutions into client culture to ensure success.

Our Holistic Approach

Our approach is unique. It’s systems-based for scalability and holistic in nature to incorporate all the components that could affect a successful outcome. Our solutions include a number of unique business and marketing concepts such as Exponential Growth Thinking, Integrative Thinking, Value Proposition Mapping, Company Value Discipline Positioning, 80/20 Optimization Thinking, and Developing Your Why [Purpose, Cause, and Belief].

Javad Ahmadi

Founder | Brand Marketer

He founded the company in 1997 and has developed a clientele of more than 400 customers in diverse fields ranging from medicine and health to retail and manufacturing. Javad is a classical artist by training but moved into digital design in the early 90s working with German advertising agencies and honing his skills in European design principles. He developed and refined his design, typography, photography, art direction, video composition, and film directing skills. This passion and curiosity keep him current with new and emerging technologies. His full competency in all major graphic applications makes him a great trainer in the creative field to pass on his skills.

Award-Winning Agency of the Year

Toronto, Canada

Alive ProStudios: Best Design Agency for 2008
Alive ProStudios Inc. Awardmetalfx® International Award Winner
We are proud to announce that Alive ProStudios outperformed a global roster of innovative design entries from some of the world’s top international advertising, design agencies, and print companies to receive the prestigious “Design Agency of the Year 2008” award from MetalFX®.
The competition is intended to showcase ground-breaking design work incorporating MetalFX® metallic ink effects. Javad Ahmadi, founder & creative director of Alive ProStudios, would like to dedicate this award to the company clients who inspired the company’s award-winning entry – the new corporate brochure. “We really pushed ourselves on the development of our new brochure incorporating new and creative applications of MetalFX®.”

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