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Vitality Dentistry has been one of our valued clients since 1998. We have had the pleasure of being their marketing partner in helping them with their brand strategy, positioning, marketing and sales collateral, and advertising campaigns over the years.

Brand Challenges 

  • Market Saturation: The dental industry has become increasingly competitive, with dental clinics appearing on every block. 
  • Misleading Advertisements: Vitality Dentistry specializes in providing dental implants and cosmetic dentistry services. The online advertising landscape for dental implants is solely focused on low-cost treatment pricing. This factor has challenged Vitality’s treatment coordinators to convert leads into new patients.
  • Fierce Competition: Vitality Dentistry faced fierce competition from both direct and indirect rivals, who executed robust marketing campaigns. In turn, this caused a decline in Vitality’s visibility in the industry. 
  • Many Service Providers: In addition, the company’s branding, marketing, and advertising initiatives were fragmented, where various suppliers and service providers oversee different aspects of the projects and tasks. 
  • Inconsistency in Visual Communications: Consequently, a lack of cohesion and consistency was evident in the overall strategy, impeding the company’s ability to effectively establish a prominent market presence.
  • Data & Stat Inaccuracy: Since many parties were responsible for various services, proper tag implementation for data/stat collection could not paint a good picture of their performance.  
  • Optimization of Business Outcomes: This presents a significant challenge in optimizing business outcomes. To address this issue, it is crucial to ensure consistency in visual communications, encompassing sales and marketing collateral. 
  • Inconsistent Messaging & Brand Voice: The involvement of multiple service providers often affects verbal communication, each handling different tasks a

Our Solutions

In order to facilitate the attainment of the business and marketing objectives of Vitality Dentistry, we established a set of short-term and long-term targets aligned with the organization’s marketing budget at the commencement of each year. The following is a list of brief tools and tactics we executed in support of achieving goals and objectives:

  1. Strong Brand Experience: Optimizing brand experience was executed by aligning all verbal and visual communications, ensuring a consistent message that sharpened the brand’s focus toward attracting optimal patients. 
  2. Exceptional Patient Experience: The patient experience was prioritized above all else, as patients’ satisfaction is crucial to their likelihood of returning and recommending the practice. 
  3. Brand Differentiation: Brand differentiation was established through utilizing Vitality’s superior technology and advancements in dentistry, alongside the extensive experience of Dr. Singh, positioning the brand at the forefront of the industry. 
  4. Comprehensive Digital Marketing: A comprehensive digital marketing strategy was implemented across various channels, including search, display, video, and remarketing campaigns on major platforms.
  5. Verified Review Capture System: The successful implementation of our verified patient review system has led to a structured and reliable process for gathering patient feedback. 
  6. Super Charged Local Ranking: Our commitment to local organic visibility has resulted in impressive rankings and listings on Google Maps for neighbouring communities. 
  7. Constant Sales Funnel Optimization Process: Our approach to sales funnel refinement and optimization has enabled us to precisely convert leads into booked appointments, utilizing comprehensive monitoring and tracking measures to continuously improve the overall flow of leads.
  8. Improved Brand Culture: Despite staffing changes and challenges brought on by direct and indirect competition, we remain steadfast in our dedication to upholding our brand culture.
  9. Content Marketing: In our marketing efforts, we proactively utilized video content to support every touchpoint during the sales process. Our patient stories and educational videos featuring Dr. Singh, which can be found on Vitality’s YouTube channel, proved to be highly effective. Additionally, we encouraged our staff to showcase their expertise through educational content. 
  10. Social Media Marketing: When it comes to social media marketing, we maintained an educational approach, with a stagge

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