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Typical Questions related to Branding, Marketing & Advertising!

Is conventional marketing still working?

Indeed, it is working. Depending on the nature of your business, service or product offerings, conventional marketing works very well.

What is the cost to build a website?

The cost of the website depends on several components. For example, it depends on the project's scope, level of complexity, overall design, creative workmanship, sales funnel optimization, integration with third-party plugins and general module customization. For us, it is about meeting and exceeding your goals and objectives. For some businesses, SEO is highly critical, and for some, the presentation has top priority.

How important is local organic ranking?

Local ranking is crucial if you offer products or services in your local areas. Your ideal customers always search for what you offer. Now, what they see or find, impacts their decision to buy from you or now. Pretend you want to buy hardwood flooring for your home. Do a quick search on Google; see what you find and decide who you want to buy from.

How can rebranding my products, services, or company generate more revenue?

Think of a rebranding process as a vitamin boost or a revitalization process for your service offerings or company. Outdated messaging, colours or brand positioning are typically the key factors. We take it one step further with our rebranding process. We dive deep into your brand DNA and extract your true values. We take rebranding very seriously. Book a Free consultation to see how we can help you.

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